Sunday, October 18, 2009

xbxrx - "Gop Ist Minee" (2001, 5RC Records)

So sorry I haven't posted lately. I'm sure you don't really care. Anyway, this is the first proper album length release from Oakland via Mobile, AL's (or is it vice versa? I never get that right... what I'm trying to say is that they're from Mobile, and then moved to Oakland... someone let me know if I'm right or wrong.) xbxrx. This is the type of thing that I generally cannot stand in any form... it's very danceable punk stuff with lots of 8-bit sounding synths... they play a lot with bands like Japanther that annoy the fuck out of me... But somehow, they do it just right, and it comes out being a fun yet still really interesting record. If that doesn't sell you at all, it was recorded by Steve Albini. Also, the songs are all untitled, or at least titles were never listed on the original record.

myspace- their newer songs up here are also good, but are much more along the lines of noise rock.


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denise said...

hey, you were mentioned on another blog!
well the lazer and theres a scanned pic of you, cute!