Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"I'm drunk And Hate-filled" Megapost (plus, I love new wave)

Sometimes, you just want people to die. Maybe you haven't updated your shitty blog in like 9 months, because you haven't given a fuck about virtually anything but doing drugs, but for some reason, people seem to still love your shitty blog. So, on a tuesday morning, very early morning, you're like "fuck it, fuck these people who I wish were dead, even though my shitty friends tolerate/encourage their shitty existence to the point it literally offends me... and...". Oh. Fuck that. I hate shitty assholes. I like awesome tunes. Plus, I'm drunk. Fuck you, and fuck your opinions. These records are good. You suck. Eat it.

Neutral Milk Hotel "On Avery Island"

The guitar tone on this record is fucking perfect. That's it.

Coil "Horse Rotorvator"

This is where industrial music comes from. Industrial music is cool, because it condones killing people you hate, and I like that.

Death In June "Nada"

I sure have been listening to a lot of dance music by politically sketchy homosexuals lately, haven't I?

So, to be concise: I like awesome guitar tone, early industrial, and sketchy homosexuals. I hate shitty people who take advantage of me while pretending to not be pieces of shit.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Units- "History Of The Units"

Everyone thinks I'm crazy because I've become obsessed with synthesizers and the music created with them. Behind my back they probably talk about how I've changed, how I listen to weird techno or whatever. Well, this is 100% (except for drums) synthesizer based punk rock from 1977-1983, and it is really really really great. (Also... first band to say "hey, we're a punk band!" was Suicide, so uh... fuck you)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KAS Product "Try Out" LP (RCA, 1982)

I quit smoking. Cigarettes, I mean. I haven't smoked in a week (that's a lie; I had a single cigarette at Grillo's BBQ last week because I was about to cry if I didn't), which is only the second time I've gone longer than like, a day, without smoking since I was knee high to a... uhh... like 19 years old, probably. Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows me as someone who loves to smoke, and gets angry when I can't smoke. I, however, decided that as a grown ass, 30 year old man, certain changes need to be made, such as quitting smoking. And listening to more French coldwave. It's a shame, too, because this is great smoking music. It's a little too fast to be great fucking music, but would be great to listen to post-coitally, especially whilst smoking. It's still a great record even if you don't smoke or get laid... trust me, friend.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Magits- "Fully Coherant" EP (1979, Outer Himilayan)

This record was limited to 300 copies when it was released, and will probably never see the light of day again. What you have here is the first project of Rudimentary Peni psychotic genius Nick Blinko. Upon first listen (Four songs in exactly 4 minutes, as per Mr. Blinkos usual MO), this is completely dissimilar to anything that RP ever recorded, but after a few listens you can definitely see the evolution. These songs are really, really simple, recorded with only an ancient monosynth and sparse vocals, but the general feeling of uneasiness that pervades all of RP's work is present here, too. Don't expect hardcore, but this is pretty awesome. A must for Rudi Peni fans.

uhhh... duh...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Order "Power, Corruption, & Lies" (Factory Records, 1983)

After a slow buildup over a couple of months, my obsession with analog synths grew until I decided I just HAD to buy one (well, I got an analog modelling synthesizer, the Novation X-Station... I'm not made of, uh, money), and that it couldn't be that hard to teach myself. Let me remind you, I don't play piano, nor have I ever in the past, and in fact, can only play drums and occasionally more exotic percussion, so this will involve teaching myself 1)General music theory, basic things like intervals, what notes sound like together, etc. 2)Specific keyboard playing technique, and 3)The principles of sound synthesis. Maybe this was a bad idea. Does anyone want to give me free lessons? Cmon, be a dude.

Oh, and this record rules and is one of the things that made me want a synth so badly.