Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Screamo Mega-Post!! (by request)

Ask and ye shall receive. King Lew asked for some good screamo stuff to check out, so here goes...

"Mohinder was a four-piece rock band from Cupertino, California. Despite their brief existence, they were considered an important feature of the California hardcore scene, and helped to define the musical genre now known as screamo. Mohinder songs tended to be short in duration, and are often characterized as being extremely intense and chaotic. Formed in 1993, they released only three 7 inch EPs before breaking up in 1994, all of which have posthumously been compiled onto one CD. Members went on to such bands as Jenny Piccolo, Indian Summer, The Anasazi, Calm, Duster, A-Set, and Makara." (wikipedia)


"Swing Kids were a hardcore/emo band from San Diego California during the mid 1990s. They were closely involved with and influenced by the forerunners of the San Diego hardcore punk scene of the 1990s.
Their music was characterized by Justin Pearson's spoken/screamed vocals and their melodic/chaotic rhythms and song structures. Swing Kids were influenced by fellow San Diego bands Antioch Arrow and Drive Like Jehu. On a broader scale, their music and lyrics were influenced by post-punk.
Swing Kids carried the San Diego "art hardcore" movement past the initial wave of Gravity Records bands and through to the late 1990s, releasing a 7" EP and split 10" EP along the way. Despite their importance in a relatively small scene, Swing Kids' impact both during their tenure and after their 1997 breakup was global, thanks to many independent Zines and a US/European tour. The sound they pioneered inspired bands such as The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Refused, Orchid, Jerome's Dream and many others." (wikipedia. I'm lazy)

Early emo band featuring Tonie Joy who later went on to be in Born Against and Universal Order of Armageddon. Crucial hardcore record if you don't have it already.

"The band's identifying characteristics, and those that distinguished them from their contemporaries, included noticeable and abrupt transitions from loud to quiet, Joy's distinct arpeggiated guitar (often undistorted and picked), and Vance's esoteric, sometimes meandering lyrical content. Earlier recordings of the band are reminiscent of early Joy Division, particularly in guitar style, while later songs embodied a less blunt approach, noted by some detractors as making Moss Icon "like Grateful Dead for punks." The band championed, among other issues, the plight of indigenous peoples of the Americas, and opposed the U.S. government's involvement in Nicaragua and Guatemala." (wikipedia)


"Saetia (pronounced say-sha) was a New York City-based screamo band. Their name originates from a misspelling of the Miles Davis track "Saeta", from his album Sketches of Spain, which, in turn, was named after the saeta, a religious tradition of flamenco music. (This is similar to fellow screamo band Joshua Fit For Battle, whose name was a corruption of the traditional American spiritual song "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho"; other members of Saetia later formed Off Minor, which is the title of a Thelonious Monk composition.)" (wikipedia)

I used to see Saetia play at ABC No Rio when I was 17 or 18 years old a lot. Back then, I was really punk and only listened to bands with green mohawks and bondage pants, so I didn't really watch them too much. Boy, was I a turd.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Men's Recovery Project- "The Very Best Of..."

Yeah, pretty lazy, I know, just a wikipedia quote and a youtube video, but fuck it. This is a good collection of Men's Recovery Project stuff, and honestly, all you really need. While a great band, there's only so much you can take in one sitting.

"MRP were known for their often extremely short and sometimes theatrical/performance art style sets. Sam McPheeters occasionally dressed as Patrick Henry while playing. The rest of the members sometimes wore masks, ladies lingerie, or children's clothing.(see video below)

The roster for Men's Recovery Project included members from such groups as Wrangler Brutes, The Locust, Melvins, Thrones, Rah Bras, Le Tigre, and Six Finger Satellite."


Passive Aggressor- Demo

Haven't posted in a while, so sorry. Yeah, like anyone gives a fuck. No one downloads anything except for a few of the metal records, and certainly no one ever comments. Fuck you. Regardless, this is a recent demo from Brooklyn locals Passive Aggressor. Everyone compares them to the Jesus Lizard, but I don't really think they sound like the Jesus Lizard. In fact, whenever someone compares a band to the Jesus Lizard, I know for a fact that they're definitely not going to sound like the Jesus Lizard. Passive A sounds like they LOVE the Jesus Lizard, but nobody sounds like the Jesus Lizard. Except maybe for The Jazzus Lizard. What you do get is 4 songs of well played post-hardcore with those angry/bored at the same time somehow female vocals that the kids are all into these days. Definitely worth checking out.