Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad Blood "Tongue-twisting Toons for Tiny Tots" LP

A first here at BAABL (what a craponym... that's a portmanteau of crappy and acronym), we have a pre-release leak of the new Bad Blood album. "Who the fuck are Bad Blood, and why should I care? Post more sludge metal, pussy!" is probably what's going through your mind right now, and I can't blame you. Bad Blood is ONLY the biggest band in, well... my living room. Eh, yeah, so this is my roommates band's new LP, which is coming out this week on Deadbroke Records, but ignore the fact that I live with them, and also ignore the fact that I used to be in this band (especially considering, at the time, the band played solipsistic (you like how I worked that word in? don't I sound like a real record reviewer now?), uninspired melodic punk rock. I got in a fight with one of the guitarists over some stupid shit and drunkenly quit at 3AM, vowing never, ever play with him again. They got a little better and I sort of regretted quitting. Then they went on a tour and that guitarist quit upon return, anyway, and they started writing really awesome, AmRep/Touch & Go style jams. Then I kind of really regretted quitting, but what can you do? Now, I live with 2/3rds of the band, and drummer Matthew Muscles (who has to walk through my room to get out of his) frequently comes really close to catching me masturbating. Which is great, so I think I got the good end of the deal, anyway. But seriously, this is fucking great. It's slow and kind of bluesy with noisy guitars over a groovy, driving bass and pounding drums. For fans of Killdozer. Don't be a dick, just check it out. They're leaving for tour this week, which means I will be able to pleasure myself in peace, and that you should check out their myspace for dates and check them out when they come to your shitty fucking town.