Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Order "Power, Corruption, & Lies" (Factory Records, 1983)

After a slow buildup over a couple of months, my obsession with analog synths grew until I decided I just HAD to buy one (well, I got an analog modelling synthesizer, the Novation X-Station... I'm not made of, uh, money), and that it couldn't be that hard to teach myself. Let me remind you, I don't play piano, nor have I ever in the past, and in fact, can only play drums and occasionally more exotic percussion, so this will involve teaching myself 1)General music theory, basic things like intervals, what notes sound like together, etc. 2)Specific keyboard playing technique, and 3)The principles of sound synthesis. Maybe this was a bad idea. Does anyone want to give me free lessons? Cmon, be a dude.

Oh, and this record rules and is one of the things that made me want a synth so badly.



applecollider said... this is a great overview of synthesis, and has lots of good references. Learn about how different filters work/are implemented, additive/subtractive/frequency/amplitude modulation synthesis. I always suggest this book to people trying to learn synthesis.
also this record rules. --glenn

The Disappeared said...

I know it's almost 20 years old and should sound as dated as, well, something from the early '80s but the funny thing about "Power Corruption & Lies" is that it still sounds fantastic.
How does that happen then?

Eric L said...

post that 7" or the girl dies